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The Old City of Berne

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Berne, the capital city of Switzerland, lies at the foot of the Alps in Central Europe. It is surrounded by rivers on three sides making it a natural fortress. It has long thrived as a political centre. The city's Cathedral is 100 metres tall - construction began in the 15th Century and took 400 years to complete. From the top of the Cathedral tower, people can see all of the old city where the medieval townscape, inscribed as World Heritage, remains intact.

The whole old city of Berne is The main street stretches from east to west across the city and is filled with a wide variety of shops. There is an old clock shop on one street corner. Clockmakers along with the industries of other skilled craftsmen flourished in Berne. Otto Scherer has been a clocksmith for 50 years. He even receives work from overseas clients who count on his masterly skill to fix old clocks (....)

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Place/region: Old City of Berne, Switzerland, Europe
Series: NHK World Heritage 100
Type: Documentary
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Publisher: NHK; UNESCO TV
Coproducer/sponsor: UNESCO WHC

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Rights holder: NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation