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ICT Competency Framework for Teachers

Language: English

This video will take you on a trip to explore the ICT Competency Framework for Teachers’ Harnessing OER (ICT CFT/OER) project. The journey starts with the UNESCO Communication and Information Sector, at UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, which launched the project in 2013, and coordinates it globally. The video then takes you through to site visits of the ICT CFT Network in South Africa and Egypt. The video reflects the different steps of the project, the decision making, teacher training then finally the use of these capacities in the classroom with the students

Topics and Tags
Place/region: Egypt, South Africa, UNESCO-HQ, Africa
Type: Video report
Production and personalities:
Participant: Handson Mlotshwa, Sipho Dlamini, Gihan Osman, Zeynep Varoglu, Jaco Du Toit
Publisher: UNESCO Communication and Information Sector
Published in:
Rights: CC-BY-SA

Original: Video.MP4
Location: EV only
UMVS reference: SYNAV-2019-11-18-000826-ICT-SD
Rights holder: UNESCO