Latest additions

Summer / Autumn 2020
Migration of Content from the Digitizing our Shared UNESCO History Project, pt.1: films
We are pleased to announce the addition to the collections of 45 hours of 16mm film, as well as dozens of U-matic videos, digitized within the framework of the Digitizing our Shared UNESCO History project. This represents over 150 titles covering most fields of UNESCO action. The project, executed by the Archives and sponsored by the People of Japan, also digitized thousands of sound reels. This content will soon be added to the collections.
Winter 2019
Global Education Coalition
United Nations agencies, international organizations, private sector and civil society representatives engage in advancing COVID-19 Education Response from around the world at global, regional and countries levels. The Global Education Coalition, launched by UNESCO, seeks to facilitate inclusive learning opportunities for children and youth during this period of sudden and unprecedented educational disruption created by the pandemic