Association des jeunes leaders unis pour le développement durable

Association of Young Leaders United for Sustainable Development


The Association des jeunes leaders unis pour le développement durable, AJLUDD for short, is a non-profit association working in Burundi. Its vision is "an active, conscious and fulfilled society devoid of all behaviours, mentalities and habits leading to high unemployment and poverty in the country" and its mission is "to shape the Burundian population in general and the youth in particular through capacity building and concrete actions by transforming them into real actors of development and thus, to move from job demand to self-employment and job offer".




Presentation of the Association during the workshop : "Youth Entrepreneurship for Development and Peace" on March 20 2020, the Higher Institute of Commerce (ISCO) of the University of Burundi in collaboration with the Workshop School of Faith, Caritas Burundi, and UNESCO House for the Culture of Peace with funding from the Diocese of Rothenburg organized a workshop "Youth Entrepreneurship for Peace and Development" in the precincts of ISCO, University of Burundi, Rohero Campus.



Biannual report on the activities of the Association of Young Leaders United for Sustainable Development for 2018 and 2019

During the year 2018, the year of accreditation of the association, activities were carried out with reference to the action plan and the partnership agreement signed with Students Talks. This was mainly in the field of sustainable development, entrepreneurial creativity, youth self-employment and leadership. These areas are the main areas of intervention of the organisation. This document reports on the activities that were carried out in two consecutive years 2018 and 2019. But before talking about its concrete activities, here is first the presentation of the organisation.



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