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Message of the Minister for Culture Anar Karimov

Minister for Culture of Azerbaijan Mr. Anar Karimov adresses the Biennale of Luanda - “Pan-African Forum for the Culture of Peace” 2021

About the Baku Process

Azerbaijan’s historical, cultural and economic distinctiveness has developed the mentality of Azerbaijan people and the entirely population of the country has been forming during the centuries in the spirit of tolerance and respect to different cultures and nationalities. Azerbaijan mentality embodies Eurasian idea of intercultural and interreligious dialogue with eastern ideas of harmony and identity with and through diversity.

With this commitment and  with Azerbaijan at the crossroads of different cultures and civilizations,  Mr. Ilham Aliyev, President of the Republic of Azerbaijan initiated the “Baku Process” for the promotion of intercultural dialogue in 2008The Baku Process comprises an open and respectful exchange of views between individuals and groups with different ethnic, cultural, religious and linguistic backgrounds and heritage living on different continents, on the basis of mutual understanding and respect.

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Baku International Humanitarian Forum

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Intangible Cultural Heritage of (ICH) Azerbaijan in the UNESCO Representative List

Watch a video about the traditional art of Azerbaijani carpet weaving in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

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Christian Heritage of Azerbaijan



Islamic Heritage of Azerbaijan

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