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"We will spare no effort to make this initiative and this strategic partnership a great success for peace, stability and sustainable development in Africa."  

Salah Khaled, Director of UNESCO Regional Office for Central Africa

The Alliance of Partners for a Culture of Peace is a major opportunity to create a global partnership through flagship programs for a culture of peace on the African continent with its diasporas.

Together with the three co-organizers of the Biennale, UNESCO, the African Union and Angola, the Regional Economic Communities (RECs) will join the Alliance and play a central role in the coordination of the Alliance of Partners.

The Advantages of the Alliance

There are numerous benefits offered to partners during and after the Biennale of Luanda:

  • Increase the visibility of the partners and their projects during the partnership sessions, with a virtual stand on the web portal of the Biennale;
  • Create communication campaigns on issues related to the culture of peace and the themes of the Biennale 2021;
  • Meet other partners and develop a network of contacts;
  • Use the label "Member of the Alliance of Partners" in internal and external communication.
General Conference
Reasons to join the Alliance

The partners will have the opportunity to be recognized as long-term partners committed to promoting a culture of peace in Africa;

Verre de l'amitié
Reasons to join the Alliance

The partners will be able to co-create, fund and implement flagship initiatives for a culture of peace in Africa;

Verre de l'amitié
Reasons to join the Alliance

The partners will have access to information, expertise, and resources made available by all Alliance members for the benefit of joint initiatives;

Reasons to join the Alliance

The partners will commit to pursuing medium and long-term partnership objectives with other peacebuilding partners according to a common roadmap.

General Conference

The modalities of participation in the Alliance

Before the Biennale, the Partners will:

  • Identify projects and best practices to present in the virtual stands;
  • Participate in the development of flagship initiatives for the culture of peace.


General Conference

During the Biennale, they will:

  • Present projects and best practices during the partnership sessions;
  • Express interest in the flagship initiatives and announce their future projects in these areas during the partnership sessions;
  • Participate in the Closing Ceremony and the launch of the Partnership Alliance through a joint communiqué and the development of a roadmap.

After the Biennale, they will:

  • Continue the development of the 4 flagship initiatives and projects to be implemented under the coordination of the RECs;
  • Contribute to the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the projects in the 4 themes for the 2023 edition of the Biennale.
Yvette NGANDU, Commissioner in charge of the Department of Gender Promotion and Human and Social Development (CEEAC)

"Our wish is to make Luanda a world hub for the culture of peace and non-violence."

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Atou Diakité, Partnership and Resources Mobilization Coordinator

Liliana Mota, Partnership and Resource Mobilization