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Cape Verde

World Day for Cultural Diversity and Development in Cape Verde

The World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development held annually on May 21 is an occasion to promote culture and highlight the significance of its diversity as an agent for inclusion and positive change. This ephemeris celebrates not only the richness of the world's cultures, but also the essential role of intercultural dialogue in achieving peace and sustainable development.

Cape Verde

To celebrate this date, the National Commission of Cape Verde for UNESCO, in partnership with the High Authority for Immigration in Cape Verde, the Municipality of Praia, the Palace of Culture Ildo Lobo, the Embassies accredited in Cape Verde, the Platform of African Immigrant Communities in Cape Verde and other associations of immigrant communities in Cape Verde held from 3 to June 6 a series of activities alluding to the event which had as protagonists the various immigrant communities in Cape Verde.

Cape Verde
Digital Catalog of the #ArteCvKontraCovid Campaign
Cape Verde

#ArteCVKontraCovid19 is a project that uses various means of cultural and artistic expression to share a series of prevention messages against COVID-19. Artists and creatives from various fields and from several islands in the country have been involved in this awareness campaign to strengthen community involvement. The project also aims to help spread the word about the implementation of COVID-19 prevention measures in the country and combat the stigma towards people infected by the new coronavirus.

#ArteCvKontraCovid19 Campaign
Cape Verde

The "Gender Labyrinth Project"

The National Commission of Cape Verde for UNESCO, launched in July 2020 a contest under the theme: "Awareness and Promotion of Gender Equality in Cape Verde" aimed at students attending undergraduate and master's degrees at institutions of Higher Education in Cape Verde, which aimed to present a project for the construction of an art installation in the form of a labyrinth.

Cape Verde

This initiative aims to contribute to gender awareness, stimulate discussion in the wider community, and draw the attention of public decision-makers to the gender dimensions that present themselves and may be further exacerbated with the covid19 pandemic.

Cape Verde

Discover the Tabanca!

The tabanca is a sociocultural organisation, of a mutualistic nature and a ritualised, syncretic manifestation, subordinated to a patron saint, manifested essentially on the islands of Maio and Santiago in Cape Verde.


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