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The links between Africa and France are close and multidimensional. They are rooted in our history and geography and are based on multiple exchanges and intense human interactions.

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New Africa-France Summit: reinventing the relationship together

The New Africa-France Summit took place in Montpellier on 8 October 2021.  New format, new actors, new themes, new challenges: the objective of this event was to take a fresh look at the relationship between Africa and France in order to offer a new framework for reflection and action to new generations. 

The New Africa-France Summit gave the floor and honoured those who bring our relationship to life on a daily basis and who contribute to building a common future between Africa and France: actors from the diasporas, entrepreneurship, cultural, artistic and sporting fields.

Africa 2020 Season: an invitation to look at and understand the world from an African perspective

The Africa 2020 Season was held between December 2020 and September 2021, as part of France's renewed partnership with the African continent, focusing on the arts, sciences and entrepreneurship. It aimed to introduce the French to contemporary Africa and its creativity through events organised throughout France, with a focus on the youth and emerging talent of the 54 African countries to which it is dedicated.

The general curator of the Season was Ms. N'Goné Fall, curator, essayist and consultant in cultural engineering, who conceived this event as an "invitation to look at and understand the world from an African standpoint".

Relive Luanda's White Night 2021

On Saturday 2 October 2021, the first edition of the Nuit Blanche in Luanda took place, organised by the Alliance française de Luanda in partnership with the Luanda Biennale, the African Union, UNESCO and the Angolan Government.

Three artistic proposals were on the programme: a Flash Mob with Wilson Pax, winner of the Luanda Dance Connection Hip hop and 50 other Angolan dancers; a "Vertical Dance" show on the Elysée building in the city centre and a "Chameleon" concert tour bringing together French-speaking artists (France, Gabon, Democratic Republic of Congo) and an Angolan percussionist.

Luanda's White Night 2021
White Night 2021
Luanda's White Night 2021
White Night 2021
Luanda's White Night 2021
White Night 2021
Luanda's White Night 2021
White Night 2021
Luanda's White Night 2021
White Night 2021
Luanda's White Night 2021
White Night 2021

"VOLIBRI" / Cie in-SENSO (France) / Vertical dance

2 acrobatic dancers perform on the wall of the Elysées Tower in Mutamba.

A spectacular experience defying the laws of gravity for the first time in Luanda.

Choreographer: Odile GHEYSENS
Dancers: Amandine Etelage, Odile Gheysens
Technicians: Yves Fauchon, Didier Bonnardel
Music: Rami Khalifé, Francesco Tristano
Insta : @insenso_odile_gheysens

"FLASHMOB" / Luanda Dance Connection with Scott Suave & Wilson Pax Lazaro (Angola) / Urban dance

50 young Angolan dancers meet on the square of the Monument to the Unknown Soldier for a joint choreography, full of energy and demonstration of the power of the group.

"OLIVERMAN presents CAMÉLÉON" / Oliverman (DRC) + Leny Bidens (Gabon) + DJ iDSPR (France) + Cemi Mistique (Angola) / Music

A concert celebrating cultural diversity, through music capable of adapting and changing colour according to its environment, in a fusion of ragga, pop, traditional Afrobeat and electronic music, with French and Angolan artists.

With the participation of the Choir of the socio-cultural centre Anim'art of Cazenga for the song Amani, which means "Peace" in Swahili.

The Alliance française de Luanda

Established in Luanda since 1969, the Alliance Française de Luanda is a French-Angolan non-profit association governed by local law. It develops a triple mission which is both pedagogical and cultural:

  • Teaching the French language
  • Promotion of French and Francophone cultures
  • Support for cultural diversity
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Embark on the animated journey "France eMotion"

Created by Atout France in partnership with the French Institute and presented by the Alliance française de Luanda, the international exhibition France eMotion takes the viewer on a unique journey through French heritage, combining photography, augmented reality and digital animation. Through an exhibition of 35 original photographs brought to life by the augmented reality application "France eMotion", discover the wealth of French heritage.

Throughout the year, with the support of the French Embassy in Angola, the Alliance Française de Luanda offers cultural events (concerts, conferences, theatre...) in a spirit of exchange and discovery.


France eMotion
Prix Goncourt 2021

The Goncourt Prize 2021, a French literary prize for French-speaking authors, was awarded on 3 November 2021 to the Senegalese writer Mohamed Mbougar Sarr for his fourth novel "La Plus Secrète Mémoire des hommes" (published by Philippe Rey/Jimsaan).

Prix Goncourt
Prix Goncourt 2021
Prix Goncourt 2021

Paris 2024 Olympic Games

After Tokyo in 2021, Paris will be the host city for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

This XXXIII Olympiad will take place in July and August 2024 in Paris, which will welcome the whole world for this great celebration of sports. 15,000 athletes from all countries, 50,000 volunteers, 13 million tickets on sale to attend the competitions, 4 billion spectators on TV...

On this occasion, many events will illustrate the values of sport and Olympism, such as respect and friendship, in order to build a more inclusive and supportive society, in France but also internationally. These games are also in line with the historic Paris Climate Agreement with an eco-responsible organisation and a reduced carbon footprint.

The Agence Française de Développement (AFD)

The AFD is committed to projects that concretely improve the daily lives of populations in developing and emerging countries and in France’s overseas departments and territories. The AFD is active in many sectors - energy, health, biodiversity, water, digital technology, training - and supports the transition to a safer, fairer and more sustainable world. Its action is fully in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The AFD is present in 108 countries through a network of 85 agencies and currently finances, monitors and supports over 2 500 development projects.



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