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Aapravasi Ghat on the World Heritage List.

This video retraces the steps leading to the inscription of the Aapravasi Ghat on 16 July 2006. This video was produced in the context of the 15th anniversary of the inscription of the Aapravasi Ghat on the World Heritage List.

Mauritius Culture

Traditional Mauritian Sega

Traditional Mauritian Sega is a performing art emblematic of the Creole community. Each solo singer improvises lyrics in the Creole language, sometimes blended with other languages, while a frame drum, box rattle and triangle keep time and produce the rhythmic beat. Dancers move their hips and hands, using short steps to manoeuvre around each other. Practitioners transmit their skills both formally and informally through participation and imitation. Sega can be danced by all members of the community and contributes to unify various groups around a shared Mauritian heritage.

Veronique from Mauritius shares how the UNESCO Chair's iPEPAS programme impacted her

Veronique has been an exceptional and avid learner throughout the implementation of the iPEPAS programme via the UNESCO Chair partnership with the Mauritius Institute of Education. In addition to being a disability sport leader in Mauritius, she has a disability herself and therefore knows firsthand the value of sport, especially for people with disabilities.

Mauritius: Gender Gap

There 98 men for every 100 women in Mauritius. Despite this, there is a persistent gap in gender equality. Mauritian women are not only largely under-represented in decision making at higher sphere of society, but they also tend to earn less money than men

Blog: Mentoring women and youth matters for conservation in Mauritius

This is the story of Josheena Naggea, a young woman from Mauritius, a large ocean state in Africa. While growing up by the ocean first piqued her interest to study conservation, it was mentorship that galvanised her advocacy and made her the influential ocean champion she is today.


Mauritius Launches 50 Million African Women Speak Platform

The 50 Million African Women Speak (50MAWSP) platform was unveiled Thursday 11 February 2021, in Ebène town, as Mauritius became the tenth COMESA Member State to launch the digital networking initiative.

The national launch of the platform was presided over by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family Welfare Dr. Rooba Moorghen, who represented Minister Hon. Kalpana Koonjoo-Shah.



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