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The Moroccan Agency for International Cooperation

The South-South Cooperation of the Kingdom of Morocco is a strategic pillar of its foreign policy, where Africa is a priority.

Morocco has always had close and deep ties with the countries of the South, particularly those of sub-Saharan Africa.

This new and ambitious dynamic of the Kingdom of Morocco's foreign policy has resulted in a significant expansion of cooperation programmes and a substantial increase in the number of beneficiary countries, on the one hand, and in the diversification of the forms of intervention, on the other.

It is within this framework that, through the Moroccan Agency for International Cooperation, the Kingdom of Morocco implements cooperation programmes in favour of partner countries, in particular those in sub-Saharan Africa.

Virtual Exhibition | Villa Walter Harris Museum
Virtual Exhibition | Moroccan Painters

Moroccan painters in national collections, from Ben Ali R'bati to the present day

Virtual Exhibition | Maison des Arts
Virtual Exhibition | Jilali Gharbaoui
Virtual Exhibition | "Morocco through the ages"

This exhibition is unveiling a rich journey of more than 450 archaeological objects and tracing the millenary history of the Moroccan Museum of History and Civilizations in Rabat. 

Virtual Exhibition | "Delacroix, memories of a trip to Morocco"

Fès Festival

Under the High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, the Fez Festival of World Sacred Music and its Forum, created respectively in 1994 and 2001, are part of the city's learned, artistic and spiritual tradition. Since its inception, this event has enjoyed growing success. The Festival was designated in 2001 by the UN as one of the outstanding events contributing to the dialogue of civilizations.


Maison de l'Artisanat | Institutional movie


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