Nadir Tati

Nadir Tati | Special Interview

In the framework of the Biennale of Luanda 2021, discover our special interview with Nadir Tati, Angolan fashion designer and children's rights activist.

1. Can you please introduce yourself?  


I'm Nadir Tati, I am Angolan and I live in Luanda but I am as they say a citizen of the world. I am a fashion designer, a criminologist and I love music. 


2. What led you to work in fashion?  


At some point I felt the need and responsibility to look at fashion, in this case African fashion in particular. I have always been very attentive to the needs of African women, especially Angolan women who for a long time were abandoned. Women that men left very early in defence of a country that was at the time at war.  To speak of the Angolan woman is to speak of a special woman, a warrior, a mother and above all a woman who is alert.  In women I seek the true inspiration for most of my work. In the last few years I have dedicated special attention to the male line [also]. I look for identity. I like to see a well-dressed man but above all a man who knows his roots, his culture and his history. When we dress, we transmit all these values and then we build our own style.   

Nadir Tati

3. Can fashion play a role in promoting a culture of peace?  


Fashion is an essential factor in our development and well-being. We always need to dress just as we need to feed ourselves and be healthy.  Talking about the culture of peace means talking about ourselves as real human beings with rights and duties. Talking about peace means carrying a responsibility to work towards a single goal.  The promotion of what we wear, full of a victorious spirit and of peace, helps us to grow. Fashion must be part of the economy and development of a country. We change our clothes once or twice a day, so there must be a higher production [to respond to] the need of the people.  The conditions for the development of this sector must be created [in order to raise] our flag at the highest international level. 

Nadir Tati
"Fashion is an essential factor in our development and well-being."
Nadir Tati

4. You are a recognised artist - you dressed the Angolan athletes during the Tokyo Olympics - what advice would you give to young artists who would like to make a living from this profession?  


Working in fashion requires a lot of discipline. I have been working with the aim of raising the name of Angola abroad. Internationally we have achieved good results and managed to attract the attention of the world. The Olympic Games was a stage for true worldwide exposure. We have had others like London, the Oscars in Holywood with Rachel of Congo for the nomination of best foreign film, Berlin, Macau, Italy and other countries that know and applaud our representation.   

To the new talents my advice is never give up on your dreams. Discipline and focus. It is possible to work and achieve excellence but first we must believe in ourselves!

Nadir Tati

5. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, UNESCO launched "ResiliArt", a global movement to support artists and ensure access to culture for all. What could be done to support artists (especially young artists) during this particularly difficult period?  


It is to be commended. Any initiative to help young people grow is always very welcome. We urgently need schools for young artists and all the controlled management of their activities, and in this way contribute to the growth of future leaders.    


6. What message(s) would you like to convey to the African and diaspora artistic community?  


I just want to say that peace is a good that overcomes any barrier. In my work I find peace, balance and above all my inner peace. Let's work together towards peace.  I am the voice that, through my work, represents thousands of people, thousands of young people from Cabinda to Kunene.  

Thank you. 

Nadir Tati
"Peace is a good that overcomes any barrier."

Nadir Tati

Nadir Tati

Nadir Tati is the main reference when it comes to contemporary style and African Fashion in Angola.  Advocate of African art and human rights Nadir Tati works with disadvantaged children is trained in Criminology, Image Consultant, Fashion Design and before worked as a mannequin a profession that led to great passion for the arts and African fashion. 

Awarded best designer of Angola 2010, 2011 and 2012.  Nadir Tati is also the Fashion Diva of Angola. Diva of the moment in 2012, the year in which she won two trophies at the same event. The prestigious Sirius Awards attributed to the outstanding personalities of Angola 2013 was given to Nadir Tati for her excellence in the business field and for raising the name of Angola on the catwalks of the world. 

The first Angolan and African stylist to dress a film actress for the Oscars in Hollywood with Rachel Mwanza of the Republic of Congo nominated for the best foreign film 2013. 

As an unprecedented defender of African traditions and customs Nadir Tati fights daily with the goal of raising Angolan fashion to the same level as other countries such as the United States of America, Germany, Korea, Mexico, Belgium , Macau , Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Mozambique, Kenya , Togo, Tanzania and other countries that have applauded the creations of Nadir Tati.
Her personal journey through these countries shows her great potential in African fashion and world fashion and she is already considered by foreign newspapers as one of the most important people in the history of African fashion.  

At the invitation of the United States, Nadir Tati participated in Washington DC, NY and Boston in the weeks of Leadership / AGOA / Women's Development / Southern Africa. In Washington, the group of women from African countries had meetings for 4 weeks with Secretary of State Hilary Clinton with the main theme of women and power. 

Nadir Tati is an effective member of the Ashinaga (Japan) advisory board with the responsibility of choosing future leaders of orphan children from the African continent with the responsibility of studying in Japan, Brazil and the United States.  

Nadir Tati is responsible for the Angolan costumes for the Olympic Games in London and Tokyo 2021.

Nadir Tati