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Uruguay is a place that invites harmony, peace and encounter. But it is also a country with a surprising spirit that looks to the future with determination, often with achievements that astonish the world. Its people, its culture, its geography and its climate have given rise to a way of being friendly but with strong convictions, which have cemented a very particular concept of quality of life.

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with the "Festival de Invierno – Jazz del Uruguay"!  


Festival de Invierno – Jazz del Uruguay

The Instituto Nacional de Música and Sodre present the Winter Festival "Jazz del Uruguay" that was held from 31 August to 4 September 2021 at the Hugo Balzo Hall. 

This festival is part of the National Institute of Music's actions to promote, develop and disseminate the music of Uruguay, and is a joint initiative that aims to reflect the particular imprint of Uruguayan jazz through the compositions of national artists.


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