AlUla and Arab documentary heritage in numbers

Lihyanite and early Arabic inscriptions

are embedded on the rocks of AlUla’s Jabal Ikmah

monumental Nabataean tombs

are embedded into the rocks of Hegra Archaeological Site (Al-Hijr / Mada’in Salih)

$2.6 million
mobilized by RCU

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) is financing this project

5-9, 12 2022
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for the inaugural conference for the Promotion of Documentary Heritage in the Arab World

of nominations on the MoW Register are from Arab States

We’re working to raise that figure and support the Arab world’s documentary heritage

4, 11, 16
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The project is targeting SDGs in education, sustainable development, and inclusive societies

644 CE
or 24 Hegrah

The oldest dated Arabic Islamic inscription, Naqsh Zuhair, was etched into AlUla's rocks

historic merchant stores at AlUla Old Town

Located on the Incense Route, it was a vibrant center for trade

Establishment of UNESCO's MoW Programme

to facilitate preservation, access and awareness of the world’s documentary heritage

First UNESCO designation of a Saudi World Heritage Site

was awarded to AlUla's Hegra Archaeological Site (Al-Hijr / Mada’in Salih)

National MoW Committees established by Member States

Enabling better preservation of and access to documentary heritage

24 months
of MoW project implementation

UNESCO's MoW will carry out the project's first phase over the course of two years