Activities to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Cintio Vitier, poet (1921-2009) (Cuba, with the support of Dominican Republic and Uruguay)

Several Cuban institutions joint efforts to commemorate Centenary of Cintio Vitier's birth, which will be held on September 25th. Vitier is a great Cuban poet, narrator, literary critic and essayist, also considered the most important student of the work of the National Hero of Cuba, José Martí.
The newsletter El Correo de la Biblioteca ( dedicates its fourth number to him in its entirety. In addition to announcing the activities that will take place for the tribute to Cintio Vitier, this publication lists some of the most important titles of the intellectual and is illustrated with photos of him in the National Library of Cuba, where we worked between 1962 and 1977.
The main celebration will take place on September 24 at the headquarters of the José Martí National Library (BNJM) and will include the following activities:
Presentation of this year's first issue of the José Martí National Library Magazine dedicated to Cintio Vitier and the 120th anniversary of the BNJM;
Opening of the bibliographic exhibition of Cintio Vitier's work,
Unveiling of two commemorative plaques: one in the Martí Hall and the other in the Vitier˗García Marruz cubicle, where both intellectuals worked.
These, and other activities that will accompany the celebration, are part of the program designed by the Ministry of Culture of Cuba, the Cuban Book Institute, the Biblioteca Nacional de Cuba José Martí, the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba, the Cuban Institute of Music, the Office of the Historian of the City of Havana, the Cuban National Commission for UNESCO, the Center for José Martí Studies and the Vitier-García Marruz House, among other institutions and personalities.
Cintio Vitier was born on September 25th, 1921 in Key West, Florida from Cuban parents. In 1938, was published his first poetry book: “Poemas” with the introduction of Juan Ramón Jiménez. He graduated from Law School at Havana University in 1947, the same year that he married the writer Fina García Marruz.
Citio Vitier was professor at Las Villas Central University an also worked at the General Direction of Culture of Ministry of Education. Then he worked at the National Library for 15 years. In 1977, Cintio Vitier was among the founders of the Center for José Martí Studies where he was in charge of the Critical Edition of Complete Work of José Martí. He published several books of poems, essays and novels like “Rajando la leña está” (Critics Awards 1986).
He received the National Price of Literature in 1988, the Juan Rulfo Award in 2002 and the Jose Marti Order, the highest civil medal of the Republic of Cuba. He was member of the Cuban Academy of Science and deputy to the Cuban Parliament.  Cintio Vitier died on October 1st, 2009 in Havana.
Source: Permanent Delegation of Cuba to UNESCO