Activity book to help Nepal teachers restart schooling after the earthquake

Teachers in Nepal’s earthquake-affected areas now face the immense challenge of continuing on with their work under extremely difficult conditions.

To support them in their efforts and help deepen their understanding of emergency preparedness, response and recovery, the UNESCO Office in Kathmandu supported the production of the activity book, “Post-disaster Teaching Aid Material”. The book gives teachers practical guidance on how to resume schooling following disasters, including psycho-social support knowledge, potentially lifesaving safety information, as well as earthquake preparedness and classroom management tips. 

The Nepali-language book will be distributed to teachers through education cluster member agencies in districts affected by the earthquake. The book was published by the National Center for Educational Development of the Ministry of Education, Nepal, with support from the UNESCO Office in Kathmandu and other member agencies of the Nepal Education Cluster group. 

UNESCO has been actively involved in disseminating information on disaster preparedness and post-disaster recovery among teachers, community members and children to help facilitate a return to learning in the country. The office in Kathmandu has been working closely with the Ministry of Education to mainstream and implement Disaster Risk Reduction in Nepal’s education sector since 2010. In the wake of the recent earthquake, UNESCO and the Non Formal Education Center (NFEC) of the Ministry of Education, Nepal, distributed “Education in Emergencies: Self-learning Materials for Non-Formal Education”. 

Click below link to download the book.