Addressing Inequalities and Urban Inclusion in Jordan

UNESCO Beirut organizes a workshop in Amman policy-research linkage in the current policy process on SDGs. 

On 29-31 July 2019, UNESCO Beirut, in partnership with the University of Jordan (JU), organized a three-day MOST School  on “Addressing Inequalities and Urban Inclusion in Jordan”, at JU campus in Amman. A group of 37 participants (12 men and 25 women) who are Master students in sociology, geography and architecture from universities in Jordan, enhanced their knowledge on the topic and through a networking.

The MOST School explored policy-research linkage in the current policy process on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) especially #10 on Addressing Inequalities and Urban Inclusion in Jordan. The sessions offered an interactive learning with a mixture of lectures, group discussion and individual work, given by a group of academics, students and activists.

35 renowned guest speakers (18 men and 17 women) speakers added a great value to the School. The featured speakers included distinguished scholars, university professors, Director of Policies and Strategies- Ministry of Social Development, a representative from research institutions, Secretary-General of Higher Population Council, Jordan Department of Statistics (DOS), Greater Amman Municipality, Sociology Department - Director of Center for Development & Community Service, JU, National Council for Family Affair who all contributed in the knowledge sharing and networking discussions on the topic of inequality and inclusion in Jordan.