Annual Model of the United Nations conference «MIS MUN-2019»

On February 21-22, 2019 UNESCO took part in the 13th annual conference “The Fourth Industrial Revolution: New Prospects for Development of Education” organized by the Miras international school, which was dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the School.

About 200 pupils from Astana, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Uralsk and Almaty participated in the conference.

The conference “Model UN MIS MUN-2019” presented the work of 7 committees aimed at discussing specific problems: Security Council, Disarmament and International Security Council, Human Rights Committee, Social and Cultural Committee, Environmental Committee, World Health Organization.

The issues discussed at the conference “MIS MUN-2019” were a part of the real UN agenda. The delegates were able to draw the attention of young people to the present-day global issues, expand their knowledge in the field of international law and security, and also economic and social development of states.

Delegates of MUN actively discussed environmental, social, cultural, economic and financial problems; human rights; disarmament and global security; world health. The MISMUN 2019 Conference provided a great opportunity to widen the sphere of communication between the delegates, and the UN Representatives, UNESCO Representatives and other International Organizations. The main purposes and objectives of the MISMUN-2019 Conference were to learn about different cultures, to understand global problems and situation in the world, to develop the communication and debate skills among young delegates, to expand the horizons of students and help them in becoming global citizens.