Bringing theatre to unexpected places

"A travelling show between Rabat and Tangier, bringing together young and old, for a night." This is the challenge that was successfully completed by the Moroccan theater company "Spectacle Pour Tous" (“Show for all”) and its theatre truck on the night of April 30 to May 1, 2019.  

In 2010, Hamza Boulaiz, 28 years old and a graduate of the Institut Supérieur d'Art Dramatique et d'Animation Culturelle (ISADAC) in Rabat, founded the company "Spectacle Pour Tous" with his friends, based on the following premise: whether you are rich or poor, from the city or the countryside, everyone must have access to culture. According to him, culture is a powerful remedy against obscurantism. However, in some isolated areas of Morocco, cultural expression is often undervalued.

Three years ago, the company inaugurated its theatre truck: a real theatre, 60 seats mounted on 4 wheels, that goes across the kingdom and even beyond, to bring theatre to life in remote villages, reaching therefore a more diversified audience.

In 2019, the company wanted to go even further. It was decided to present the second version of its experimental show EXIT: a 12-hour joint adventure, starting in Rabat, ending in Tangier at the Aji Tfarej theatre, and taking place… on a bus!