Buenos Aires launches online platform ‘Cultura en Casa’ in response to COVID-19

In view of compulsory and preventive social isolation, Buenos Aires, a UNESCO Creative City of Design, launched an online platform ‘Cultura en Casa’ (Culture at Home) to provide inhabitants remote access to enjoy the city’s cultural offerings at a single location.

In line with the city’s local development policy framework of promoting creative industries to address inequalities, the initiative seeks to keep the culture present, active and available to all the city’s inhabitants and maintain a shared sense of social cohesion during the current health crisis.

The online platform is a compendium of exclusive cultural content ranging from theaters, such as Teatro Colón, one of the most famous concert halls in Argentina, to museums, local artists, musicians, and other cultural institutions. With the aim to provide residents access to diverse and latest content, the city updates the website on a daily basis with new cultural activities for both adults and children that can be experienced via virtual tours, challenges, learning programmes, podcasts, and art collections, amongst many others.

With more than 170,000 people visiting the website within the week of its launch, the online platform has allowed inhabitants to continue embracing their rich cultural heritage from home.

To further enhance and broaden the access, outreach and content of its platform, the city of Buenos Aires has also collaborated with Mexico City, a UNESCO Creative City of Design that launched a similar online cultural platform titled ‘Cultural Capital in Your Home’.

This partnership has allowed both the Creative Cities to provide the public a wide access to diverse and rich artistic expressions that reflect the cities’ cultural diversity and to help people remain resilient during times of isolation.

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