Call for proposal: Training of young community leaders on Media and Information Literacy (MIL) to foster their participation in peaceful and democratic public discourse

UNESCO Dakar office, which oversees The Gambia, seeks to conduct training of young community leaders on MIL to foster their participation to peaceful and democratic public discourse in The Gambia.  The training is part of its component of the Peace Building Fund project entitled "Young Women and Men as Stakeholders in Ensuring Peaceful Democratic Processes and Advocates for the Prevention of Violence and Hate Speech".  The two-year project is being implemented by the UN System in The Gambia as a part of the response to such challenges affecting community cohesion. 


Within the framework of this Request for Proposals, the UNESCO Dakar office seeks to contract with an organization capable of:

  1. Training young community leaders on MIL 


Interested entities are invited to submit a single application package, in electronic format, to the following e-mail address:, with a copy to:, no later than midnight (GMT) on 31st August 2021. The subject line of the e-mail transmission should quote the following reference: DAK/CI/2021/RFP/022

For more information, please consult the call for proposal: