Call for proposals: Developing of an online fact-checking platform and training of media professionals in fact-checking - Readvertisement

The Peace Building Fund project "Young Women and Men as Stakeholders in Ensuring Peaceful Democratic Processes and Advocates for the Prevention of Violence and Hate Speech" is being implemented by UN System in The Gambia as a part of the response to such challenges affecting community cohesion. The project also seeks to empower young people with Media and information literacy skills so they can engage ethically with information and media, mainly social media.

As part of the implementation of this project, it is planned to build the capacity of media professionals in debunking disinformation and misinformation through training in fact-checking, and to establish a national online participative fact-checking platform.

Within the framework of this Request for Proposals, the UNESCO Dakar office seeks to contract with an organization capable of:

  1. Developing and setting up a fact-checking platform in The Gambia, including the training of end users;
  2. Conducting the train of 30 media professionals (at least 10 women) in fact checking techniques

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