Celebration of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Pencho Petkov Slaveykov (Bulgaria)

On 27 April 2016, the birthday of Pencho Slaveykov, the Literature Institute, along with Sofia City Library organized a pilgrimage to two significant sites, closely related to the poet’s memory. At Slaveykov Square notable Bulgarian poets, writers and actors enacted Pencho Slaveykov’s works along with their own poems, devoted to the poet. In the park spot, also known as Pencho’s oak, students presented literary-musical program featuring Slaveykov’s works. Flowers were laid at the poet’s memorial plate.

On 16 May 2016, the Bulgarian Academy of Science organized a formal meeting celebrating this anniversary, and a poster exhibition entitled “Pencho Slaveykov – The renovator”, by professor Kamen Mihaylov, has been launched in front of the National Theatre in Sofia.

For the first time the public was introduced to “The Unexecuted Edition of Dream of happiness”, richly illustrated by the painter Haralampi Tachev, “The Drawings of Pencho Slaveykov”, “Nobel Nomination”, works by Pencho Slaveykov have been played in Bulgarian theatres.

In addition, an International scientific conference has gathered 40 scientists participating with reports and papers, and a celebratory concert.

The initiatives related to the 150th anniversary of Pencho Slaveykov’s birth were organized by the Literature Institute to the Bulgarian Academy of Science, in cooperation with Sofia’s Town Hall and financial assistance by the National Commission for UNESCO.

Source: National Commission of the Republic of Bulgaria for UNESCO