Conference in Khartoum, Sudan, “Safeguarding the Cultural Heritage: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities in the Sudanese Context”: Agenda

Conference “Safeguarding the Cultural Heritage: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities in the Sudanese Context” will take place on Sunday, 29th of November, 2015, in Sharjah Hall, University of Khartoum, Khartoum, Sudan.  The agenda of the Conference could be found below.

The Conference was initiated by UNESCO and Italian Embassy in Khartoum, and it found the support of German Embassy to Sudan, French Embassy to Sudan, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Tourism, Antiquities and Wildlife, the National Corporation of Antiquities and Museums, the Sudanese National Commission for Education, Culture, and Science. The Conference is organized in frameworks of UNESCO Campaign #Unite4Heritage, it also pays tribute to 70th anniversary of UNESCO, and 80th anniversary of Roerich Pact – the first international agreement about safeguarding of cultural heritage during wars.

The Conference attracted an attention a wide panel of experts in Cultural Heritage from Sudan, Germany, Italy, France, Poland, and Bulgaria, who express their wish to make a presentations about different aspects of Cultural Heritage Safeguarding. Organizers expect an open discussion about issues and challenges of a heritage management in Sudan and in other countries, resulting in practical recommendations.

Conference “Safeguarding the Cultural Heritage: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities in the Sudanese Context”

Sunday, 29 November 2015, Khartoum University, Sharjah Hall


Session Title



Welcoming & Registration



Opening Session :Welcome Note  addresses by the:

Presented by:




H.E. Representative of UNESCO to Sudan

Dr. Pavel Kroupkin



H.E. Ambassador of Germany

Mr. Rolf Welberts



H.E. Ambassador of Italy

Mr. Lobasso Fabrizio



H.E. Ambassador of France

Mr. Bruno Aubert



H.E. Minister of Education

The Sudanese National Commission for Education, Science and Culture

Dr. Souad Abd-Arazig



H.E. Minister of Culture

Mr. Al-Tayeib Hassan



H.E. Minister of Tourism, Antiquities and wildlife

Mr. Mohamed Abu Zaid

Session 1 : History of the Cultural Heritage Safeguarding

Chairman:  Prof. Dr. Ali Osman                                                                               Rapporteur: Dr.Abdarahman Ali


Safeguarding Cultural Heritage from a Culture of Peace Perspective

Dr. Nour Eldein Sati

11.15-11.30 am

The beauty of Unity in diversity ”The Roerich Pact, The Banner of Peace and a Culture of Light for a blooming future”

Dr. Ursula Raab,

Association Banner of Peace, Citta’ della Pieve - Italy

11.30 -11.45am

The Roerich Pact, the International Movement for the Protection of Culture and Peace (1930s) and their Significance for the Future.  

Dr. Marga Koutsarova, International Roerich Centre in Bulgaria, Head


The Safeguarding Tangible Cultural Heritage History  in Sudan.

Dr. Abd-Arahman Ali,

NCAM, General Director


Museums and Exhibitions as Factors of the Protection of Cultural Heritage.

Dr. Dietrich Wildung,

Naga Project, Head


The  History of the Intangible Cultural Heritage protection in Sudan.

Dr. Alsadeig Moh. Suliaman, Ministry of Culture, The Documentation Folk life center






Lunch Break



Session 2 : The Islamic Perspective in the Cultural Heritage Safeguarding

Chairman:  Prof. Dr. Entisar Elzein                                                                      Rapporteur: Dr. Dr. Salah Eldein

02.00- 02.15pm

The role of  the Islamic Religious in Cultural Heritage Protection.

Dr. Esam Eldein Albashir, Islamic Figh Academy, General Director

02.15- 02.30pm

The Risk of religious extremism on the archaeological sites(Islamic domes models)

Dr. Souad Othman,

Sudanese Archaeological Society &

Dr. Hisham Altayeib Alfateih Qareib Allah





Session 3 : Issues , Challenges & Opportunities related to the Cultural Heritage Safeguarding in Sudan

Chairman: Prof. Dr.Youseif  Fadoul                                                                     Rapporteur:Dr. Abdarahman Ali



The Qatar-Sudan Foundation project.

Dr. Salah Eldein Mohamed, Qatar-Sudan Archaeological Project, General Coordinator


Safeguarding the Archaeological sites and Museum collections in Sudan.

Dr. Hassan Hussein Idris

Former/Director of NCAM

03.30-03.45 pm

An Archaeological Reserve: Sustainable Site Management at Naga.

Dr. Karla Kroeper,

Egyptian Museum in Munich, Naga Project


The Initiatives of  Italian Institutions for the Safeguard and Preservation of  World Cultural Heritage

Dr. Maria Concetta Laurenti, ISCR, Ministry of Cultural Activities and Tourism, Italy






Tea &Coffee Break




60 years of Franco-Sudanese cooperation in archaeology

Dr. Marc Maillot,

The archaeological French Unit, NCAM


Fortifications in the Middle Nile - state of preservation and ongoing destruction

Dr. Mariusz Drzewiecki,

Poznan University


Cultural Heritage Safeguarding in Remote Areas.

Dr. Tim Karberg,

The University of Muenster, Wadi Abu Dom: Field dir.


05.45 pm

Qatari Mission for the Pyramids of Sudan

Ing. Alexandra Riedel

Friedrich Hinkel Research C.,

The Qatar-Sudan Archaeological Project


Reconstruction Strictly Forbidden, the Restoration Concept at Naga.

Dr. Jan Hamann

Egyptian Museum in Munich, Naga Project






Tea &Coffee Break




Issues related to the Intangible Cultural Heritage in Sudan.

Dr. Asad Abdarahman

Ministry of Culture, The Documentation Folk Life C.


Dam Construction in Sudan and Cultural Heritage Protection

Eng: Muawia Mohamed, Ministry of Water Resources & Electricity, Dam Implementation Unit


New approach of Cultural Heritage Management in Sudan.

Dr. Amal Nasir, UNESCO, Culture Specialist






Recommendation & Closing