COVID-19 and the impact on women in science

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone’s life in many different ways. It has exacerbated many challenges but also highlighted opportunities.

In South Asia, women scientists are a small minority that faces significant barriers to gain access to careers in science, and particularly to avoid dropping out. STEM education rates have slowly improved over the past decades, employment in STI follows even more slowly, particularly in senior managerial positions. How would a crisis such as COVID-19 affect this?

COVID-19 may be a game-changer for women scientists in south Asia. Whether the changes will be positive or a setback remains to be seen.
Guy Broucke, Head of Natural Sciences, UNESCO New Delhi

Recently, a group of 18 south Asian women scientists shared some views in a series of interviews that shed some light on impacts. The findings show a broad range of impacts. Detailed impact studies will be needed to provide statistically relevant conclusions.

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