COVID-19 pandemic: Message from the UNESCO Office in Port-au-Prince

Port-au-Prince, 18 March 2020. - Today, the world is facing an emergency, which requires us to combine all our efforts to provide an appropriate response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which affects all areas, in particular the education sector, in a context where currently one out of every two pupils and students cannot go to their respective educational establishment, while other similar decisions are expected.

In this sense, UNESCO has launched a global coalition to accelerate the implementation of distance education. However, in Haiti, UNESCO understands that this exceptional situation requires local authorities to adopt thoughtful and relevant preventive measures, which takes into account the changing demands of the education sector as well as the rapid evolution of the pandemic.

The UNESCO Office in Port-au-Prince also recognizes this situation is particularly challenging for the cultural sector given that cultural activities as much as gatherings are not recommended. It therefore calls for the support of artists and professionals who bring culture to life in all its components.

Facing the wave of disinformation observed particularly through the [new] media, UNESCO believes that the PRESS is more than ever called to do its best while counting on science and a sense of responsibility for transmission of reliable data and official information communicated by the authorities without neglecting the education of the population, which remains essential to effectively contribute to prevent major consequences.

Given the unprecedented nature of the situation, the UNESCO Office in Port-au-Prince invites everyone to remain calm, to check all sources of information before sharing it and above all, to strictly apply all the hygiene measures prescribed by the health authorities.

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UNESCO, Port-au-Prince