To a culture of peace, the Ofrenda of the UN Agencies in Mexico

UN agencies in Mexico placed an Ofrenda for the Day of the Dead on the esplanade of the Palace of Fine Arts, in the heart of Mexico City. The Ofrenda is one of the most representative manifestations of the Day of the Dead, an indigenous holiday inscribed on the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2008, which symbolizes the reunion, reconciliation, alliances and solidarity.
The UN Resident coordinator in Mexico, Antonio Molpeceres, the representative of UNESCO Mexico, Frédéric Vacheron, the Communication Officer of the United Nations Information Center, Mariana Castro, staff from various agencies and representatives of the Mayor's Office of Xochimilco, accompanied the Opening ceremony that was preceded by a ritual ceremony. The touch of the seashell, the drum, the sound of the flute and the copal incense, guided the presentation of the UN-UNESCO Mexico Ofrenda, which is an invocation of the culture of peace in the world and marks the beginning of the celebration of the 75 years of the United Nations.
The assembly was in charge of the plastic artist Jimena Granados, who received the support of expert craftsmen from Xochimilco.