Development of New Alternative Learning System (ALS) Modules in the Philippines

UNESCO Office, Jakarta in collaboration with the Philippines’ Department of Education (DepEd) and the Asia Pacific College (APC) organized the second workshop on a series of eight workshops in the Development of the Alternative Learning System (ALS) Learning Materials in Tagaytay City, Cavite, Philippines on 25-27 September 2019.

This is the second workshop of the Development of the New ALSs Modules following the first one held in August 2019 on the Mapping and Tagging of Alternative Learning Resources for Alternative Learning System Equivalent to K-12 Basic Education. The development of the ALS learning materials is one of the five key components of the project of UNESCO Office, Jakarta called the “Better Life for Out-of-School Girls to Fight Against Poverty and Injustice in the Philippines” with funding support from the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA).

The main objective of the second workshop is to present the draft of new ALS modules developed by content writers, content experts and illustrators for the seven learning strands of ALS curriculum parallel to K-12 basic formal education. Participants to this workshop includes content writers, content experts, language and gender experts, multimedia experts and curriculum consultant together with APC project team, DepEd ALS Task Force and UNESCO. Around 40 participants attended the workshop where inputs and comments were provided to the draft of new ALS modules. Based on the feedback during the workshop, the content writers and experts shall revise their modules per learning strand and finalize the modules based on the standard criteria of DepEd for the development of ALS learning materials. Expert inputs in the development of ALS modules were further provided to level off understanding of content writers and experts of the unique characteristics of an ALS module compared to formal education learning modules.

Under this component of developing the new ALS modules, it is envisaged that 50 new ALS modules shall be developed within the seven learning strands for ALS under the enhanced curriculum. The project team lead of the workshop, Ms. Mildred Pardo, delivered the introductory remarks and briefing regarding the agenda and dynamics of the 3-day workshop. On behalf of UNESCO Jakarta, Mr Remegio Alquitran, UNESCO National Project Officer, provided short remarks in extending its sincere appreciation to all participants specifically to DepEd and APC in their collaboration for the project.

Once all the draft ALS modules are finalized, there will be a validation process in the field which will be conducted in October 2019.