Director-General on an official visit to Poland

On 28 October 2014, the Director-General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, will undertake an official visit to Poland. The official visit will take place on the occasion of the inauguration ceremony of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw (Republic of Poland). The ceremony will bring together high-level political personalities, diplomats and representatives from Jewish organizations.

The Museum functions as a centre of research, culture and education, and as a platform for social change, offering a profound, transformative experience and promoting new standards of narrating history. Within the United Nations, UNESCO leads the programme on Holocaust Education and seeks to promote better understanding of history as a force for peace and tolerance.

On the same day, the Director-General is expected to hold a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Grzegorz Schetyna, to discuss issues of common interest and ongoing cooperation with Poland.