Empowering Yemeni journalists amidst COVID-19 crisis - Video ressources

Webinar 1 : Safety and ethics for journalists during the corona pandemic

The first webinar covers safety and ethics for journalists during the COVID-19 pandemic. This webinar provides a better understanding of the necessary safety procedures while covering pandemics, including COVID-19. It also discusses the several challenges that are faced by Yemeni journalists during the crisis whether physical, digital, or psychosocial.

This first training explains how to identify, mitigate, and manage risks and threats during a pandemic including those that are gender-based, and emphasises the critical role of journalists during the pandemic as well as in the fight against disinformation, hate speech, and discrimination.

Webinar 2 : Scientific Journalism Reporting on Covid-19

The second webinar focuses on scientific journalism. It provides journalists with the tools to cover a scientific event, learning how to understand and use scientific terms, as well as how to convey the results of a scientific research, and deal with resources, vocabulary and ethical matters.

Webinar 3 : Reporting in time of information disorder - Verification Tools

The third webinar covers reporting in times of information disorder and verification tools. It provides an introduction to Media and Information Literacy in the context of COVID-19 and explains what are the tools to verify information, pictures, videos and combination of facts.