Factory Literacy Learners Receive Capacity Training On Sewing Operator Upskilling

Capacity Training Class for Factory Literacy Learners

The Royal Government of Cambodia and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS) recognize the vital role of literacy and lifelong learning in attaining national development goals. The Council of Ministers presided over by Samdech Prime Minister approved the National Lifelong Learning (LLL) Policy on 11 July 2019. Through the National LLL Policy, the Royal Government has reiterated its commitment to equip people with skills, attitudes, moral conducts, and values in order to strengthen the national economy and promote lifelong harmony within Cambodian society.

In line with the above, Cambodian Garment Training Institute (CGTI) and the Garment Manufacturers Association in Cambodia (GMAC), in cooperation with UNESCO and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS) are organizing a four-day Workshop to build the capacity of factory literacy learners on the Sewing Operator Upskilling from 31st August-3rd September 2021.  Over 16 graduate literacy learners from partner factories in the program are attending this workshop.

Since 2021, CGTI and GMAC have been working with UNESCO to support lifelong leaning for factory literacy students through upskilling programme which is the next step for students who have acquired basic functional literacy skills. During the opening ceremony, Mr. Andrew Tey, CGTI Center Director, expressed his sincere appreciation to MoEYS and UNESCO teams for partnering with CGTI team to make this training workshop possible. This four-day capacity workshop on Sewing Operator Upskilling will enhance the students skills and knowledge levels; once complete the training literacy learners will be able to appraise the sewing skill they have as well as learn how to manage and upgrade their competency level. He added that one is never too old, or too shy to learn. He encouraged all learners to stay positive, be safe and feel happy to learn.

Mr. Danny Padilla, Chief of Education Unit at UNESCO Cambodia, expressed sincere thanks to the Ministry of Education Youth (MoEYS), in particular the Department of Non-Formal Education and all partner factories including literacy teachers, for their continuing support and hard work.  He added that there is a growing realization about the importance of lifelong learning and literacy,  reading and writing and their linkages with human development. He added that it is difficult to run the literacy program within the factory because of the workers’ busy schedules especially during this time of COVID 19 pandemic. However, he is optimistic that with continuous support from the MoEYS Leadership, the DNFE, PoEYS, active collaboration with CGTI and GMAC and strong engagement of employers/owners, we can receive better results in the implementation of literacy program in Cambodia.

Finally, and speaking on behalf of the MoEYS, Mr. Kuoch Koulom-A, Director of Non-Formal Education of the MoEYS acknowledged the importance of the partnership between the Government, the private sector, GMAC/CGTI and Development Partners such as UNESCO for Adult and lifelong learning programs. This four-day capacity building workshop for factory literacy learners on Sewing Operator Upskilling is necessary to upgrade the capacity of our literacy learners to the next level and to motivate them to continue to learn and enrol in the literacy program.

This workshop is part of the second phase of the Decent Employment for Youth in Cambodia programme with financial support from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and UNESCO.