First Online Training Model – Contextualizing OER for Teachers Digital Skills Development in the Arab States

This ICT Competency Framework for Teachers (ICT CFT) Harnessing Open Educational Resources Workshop especially provided for Arab States introduced an online training model for policy makers and teacher education practitioners.
The ICT CFT OER Hub is a repository of resources that can be adapted to other contexts with the help of the network members providing support for the process and the marriage between the framework and the contextualisation.
Andrew Moore, OER Expert, South Africa

Participants focused on the contextualization of the ICT CFT through OER and provided insights on best practices in using the UNESCO ICT CFT OER online platform. The workshop also provided presentations of case studies from the region on the use of OER for digital skills development for teachers. It also allowed for the sharing of best practices by the ICT CFT Harnessing OER Project Network Experts Group.

Participants, representing ministries and institutions responsible for teacher training, were given an overview of the international and regional activities related to contextualizing the ICT CFT using OER. The activities held in the workshop focused on skills training on how to access and use the ICT CFT to shape initiatives and identify quality, openly licensed units of study aligned with the ICT CFT competencies.

This Workshop provided a diverse and global scope and allowed participants to self-study through two online tutorials detailing specific processes of the ICT CFT Harnessing OER Hub. The first tutorial focused on the identification of priority competencies to shape teacher training initiatives; and the second on using the ICT CFT Hub on OER Commons to identify units of study that can be adapted to support local teacher training.

The ICT CFT Hub on OER Commons contains collections of OER curated by UNESCO and partner countries, which are aligned to the UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers. It helps to access content and connect with other educators who are using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to improve teaching practice.

Paul Hector, Regional Adviser for Communication and Information, UNESCO Cairo Office highlighted , in the debates that the UNESCO OER Recommendation 2019 has given a new impetus to the work of the UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers Harnessing OER Project and demonstrated its timeliness. UNESCO's Recommendation on OER 2019 is the Organization’s first normative instrument in the field of technology and education. It identifies five areas for action : capacity building to create, access, reuse, adapt and redistribute OER; supportive policy; inclusive and equitable access to quality OER; sustainability models for OER; and international cooperation.

As a contribution to the celebration of World Arabic Language Day, this regional workshop brought together experts from Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco and Sudan. It was jointly organized by the UNESCO Communication and Information Sector in Cairo, Khartoum and at Headquarters. The workshop highlighted the multilingual nature of the ICT CFT OER Hub. In particular the debates focused on mechanisms for accessing, adapting, developing and translating Arabic – language OER in support of the ICT CFT. The need for more diversified and locally produced contents in Arabic in different fields was highlighted by participants in the debates.

The UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers (ICT-CFT) OER Network was created in 2013 to support Member States' efforts in ICT teacher training by contextualizing the ICT Competency Framework. It aims to support the realisation of national objectives related to ICT in education, develop teacher training materials based on OER, and implement teacher training exercises based on these materials.

The ICT-CFT is a guidance tool for pre- and in-service teacher education that to helps teachers integrate ICT into their practice and professional development, to advance student learning.


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If you are interested in the next ICT CFT Workshop for Arab states, please contact: Ms Zeynep Varoglu