Gender and Documentary Heritage in Indonesia

"Women and the women's movement fight for new values in education, humanity to elevate the status of women in the family and society" Dr. Kurniawati Hatuti Dewi, S.IP, MA, resource speaker in the webinar.

Only 4 out of 155 inscriptions from Asia and the Pacific for the Memory of the World (MOW) Registers can be considered as documentary heritage that contributes to gender equality. This was one of the key findings of the UNESCO study "Gender Equality Baseline Study of Memory of the World in Asia-Pacific".

On Friday, 15 October, the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) who is serving as the Chair of the Indonesian MOW Committee, and the Indonesia National Archives (ANRI) with the support of UNESCO organized a webinar entitled Preparation of Gender Archives as Memory of the World. More than 2,171 people watched the live event via the Indonesian National Archives YouTube channel.

Mr. Mohamed Djelid, Director of UNESCO Jakarta, in his remarks, highlighted that the lack of a gender equality perspective results that many women who have made remarkable contributions to the history of the world are not being recognized appropriately.

Acting Deputy for Conservation of ANRI, Multi Siswati said that based on the results of the identification of the ANRI team and the study of the BRIN team (National Research and Innovation Agency), the values of Kartini's struggle in fighting for women's education rights are recorded in archives and told from generation to generation, even across countries.

She continued that the same thing also happened to the event of the Indonesian Women's Congress I. The congress had a gender responsive significance which was attended by more than 1,000 people and was attended by 30 women's organizations from 12 cities in Java and Sumatra. It aimed to fight for women's rights, especially in the fields of education and marriage.

The resource persons for the webinar included Dr. Kurniawati Hatuti Dewi, S.IP, MA (researcher), Ruth Indiah Rahayu (Doctor of Philosophy Candidate, researcher), Dr. M. Taufuk, M.Si. (Main Archivist) and Teguh Purwanto (Head of Center for Library Information Services and Archipelago Manuscript Management). The session was moderated by Mira Puspita Rini.

UNESCO established the Memory of the World Programme in 1992.

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