A great meeting of thinking for a great thinker: 5th International Conference “For World Balance”

The 5th International Conference For World Balance “With all and for the good of all”, Dialogue of Civilizations, has been convened by the World Council of José Martí Project for World Solidarity and will be held in Havana from January 24 to 28, 2023. The Conference will be the culmination of the International Commemoration in tribute to the 170th Anniversary of José Martí’s birth, which is celebrated on January 28 next year.
In a meeting held with representatives of the Diplomatic Corps accredited in Havana, the Director of the Cuban Office of Martí Programme, Dr. Eduardo Torres Cuevas, and its Deputy Director, Dr. Héctor Hernández Pardo, together with Ambassador Teresita Vicente Sotolongo, Director of Cultural and Academic Affairs of the Cuban Foreign Ministry, and Ana Margarita Morejón, Director of International Affairs of the Cuban Ministry of Culture, urged to stimulate the presence in the conclave of academics, intellectuals, artists, social and religious activists, representatives of political parties and from governments around the world who share the view that dialogue is necessary.
Dr. Torres Cuevas recalled that José Martí raised the need for a way of thinking that would help maintain the world balance, to understand each other, to dialogue, in order to be able, together, to think about the good of humankind. That aspiration has encouraged Martí’s followers in all parts of the world, he assured, and from there the idea of these international conferences was born.
It is necessary to think about the real threats that exist at present for the survival of the human race and what role we must play to face them.
Eduardo Torres Cuevas

It will be a meeting to encourage solidarity and peace, to revive the dialogue between civilizations, expressed Dr. Hernández Pardo, who highlighted the massive presence achieved in the previous meeting, with over a thousand delegates from all continents, including former presidents, parliamentarians, a personal envoy of Pope Francis and other prominent personalities from politics, intellectuals, academia and religion.

We are talking about something that is unique: a plural, multidisciplinary thinking forum, in which there is no pressing issue in the world that is not on the agenda. That is why we need a broad participation in this conference.
Héctor Hernández Pardo

The José Martí Project for World Solidarity, sponsored by UNESCO, was created in 2003 upon approval by the General Conference of the Organization and has the support of other international institutions. As Dr. Hernández Pardo recalled, Martí is a figure who to a great extent represents the interests of UNESCO.

Dr. Torres Cuevas concluded by affirming that a whole year will be dedicated to piece together this world meeting that calls for thinking and of which we all feel proud for “having contributed our grain of sand in a project for world balance, for a better world, for a world of peace and so that people can communicate beyond their differences, for everything that makes us more human: this is the meaning of our Conference”.

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