In Haiti, UNESCO mobilizes young people for sustainable development

Working in partnership with UNESCO, the Public University of the South-East at Jacmel (UPSEJ), the Departmental Directorates of Education of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (MENFP), and Lycée Hermé Bayard de La Montagne de Jacmel have been involving young people from eight Haitian schools in educational, sport and cultural activities for peace and sustainable development.

The activities were held during the three months leading up to the summer of 2015 to mobilize young people through brainstorming workshops on education for sustainable development, involving pupils from secondary school and the last three years of primary school in the target community.

“These activities are part of a project to create a quality model secondary school to prepare students for life as creative, productive and responsible citizens through technology literacy and productive activities”, said Mr Rigaud Aubel, head teacher at the Lycée.

UNESCO facilitated the workshop on education for sustainable development for the representatives of head teachers, teachers, pupils, parents and members of community organizations. The results of these activities led participants to adopt an action plan for education for sustainable development in the network of eight schools. The action plan comprises five areas of educational action: school gardens, physical education and sport, citizenship education, environmental education and cultural education. 

On the sidelines of the workshop, pupils and youngsters in the community planted nutritional and ornamental plants in celebration of World Environment Day.

The programme has brought hope to the pupils, deprived of many essential items for everyday life and personal development. The mobilization has brought relief to this rural youth, who see the culture of peace, tolerance and living together with a view to building a better future.