Interest young people in science education: As if by magic !

In a world that is increasingly shaped by science and technology, UNESCO is engaged to increase interest in science, a prominent and lasting feature.

This initiative targets young people in order to sustain the progress of humankind.
In this endeavor, UNESCO in partnership with the University of Mauritius organized a science show workshop from the 18th to 22nd of February 2019 to benefit young students and teachers. The workshop aimed not only to generate a more science-oriented youth in Mauritius, but also to improve the way teachers deliver science education, through a highly successful chemical experiments lecture-demonstration.

Titled “As if by magic”, this science event brought together 600 students, having each day over 150 students, mainly girls.
Through entertaining scientific experiments, Dr. A Z Szydlo (Highgate School) presented Chemistry as a fascinating science by explaining the “magical” changes that occur when substances are altered.

By the end of the five-day workshop, students left with a more enthusiastic conception of science education.
Henceforth, capitalizing on this experience, UNESCO seeks to go further.