Know Water App

The Know Water App is designed to enable edutainment for students at primary and high school levels. It is designed to generate simple, creative and engaging ways of connecting and communicating with school children on water and sanitation issues. The aim is to foster water education while being entertained.


There are four levels with 25 questions per level.

Responding to questions

Each question comes with multiple choice answers; Yes or No; or True or False options. The player is able to try different answers until they get it right. The App is also designed to ensure the player gives the correct answer before they are allowed to go unto the next question. It uses different sounds to tell the player whether the answer given is correct or wrong.

What the questions entail

The questions cover a wide range of water and sanitation issues to help students

  • learn to visualize the volume of water used in daily actions and habits and acquire proper hand-washing and sanitation skills.
  • get acquainted with the principle of water abundance and the difference with water scarcity, both physical and economic, and become aware of its existence as a finite resource.

develop their understanding of conscious water consumption, thus motivating themselves and others to change patterns of unsustainable water consumption


The Know Water App is on both Android and iOS versions.


The App is currently in English. Other language options will be available soon


The App is free to use forever. Once installed, can be accessed without internet