Local radio exhibition featuring rural women to travel to Brussels for top development expo

UNESCO’s “On air with rural women” exhibition has been selected for display at the 2018 European Development Days (EDD) in Brussels to continue its tour. This exhibition combines creative audio and visual installations to showcase how the inclusion of rural women – one of the most marginalized groups in the world – in local radio can contribute to progress on gender issues in some of the hardest-to-reach communities of Africa.
Organized annually by the European Commission, the EDD brings together the most innovative members of the development community. It provides a platform for the discussion and exchange of ideas to inspire creative and inspiring solutions to the world’s most significant development obstacles.

“The media tends to overlook rural women, but local radio can provide them with a platform to express themselves,” says Mirta Lourenço, Chief of Media Development at UNESCO. “We have seen rural women use local radio to organize, to empower themselves and mobilize their fellow women. We wanted to showcase their work.”

Rural women continue to be one of the most marginalized groups in many countries, but local radio is giving them the opportunity to contribute to the production of broadcasts, participate in the media and have their voices heard regarding local concerns.

UNESCO’s “Empowering Local Radio with ICTs” project, which provided the content for this exhibition, is one initiative that is providing an opportunity for expression and participation to rural women. By training local radio stations to improve the quality and significance of their coverage, including specific gender components, the stations are progressively including women as radio correspondents, reporters, interviewees and sources.

On display from 5 - 6 June 2018, “On air with rural women” will be featured for the duration of the EDD alongside other innovative leaders in development.