New supplement to Framework for reopening schools (in Farsi)

While students are getting back to schools in many countries, education systems are still struggling with the complex decision of how and when to re-open the schools. Governments have taken different measures to ensure all students' successful and safer return to in-person learning, remedial learning for those left behind, blended learning, etc.

This supplementary document builds on the four main dimensions of the "Framework for re-opening schools" (safe operations, focus on learning, wellbeing & protection, and reaching the most marginalized) that was jointly published by UNICEF, UNESCO, the world bank, WFP, and UNHCR in June 2020. It provides a summary of the best practices and emerging lessons on school re-opening from different countries and highlights some country examples. These shared experiences can help governments to strengthen their school re-opening plans.


The document, translated into Farsi, is accessible here