Once Upon a Forest: new documentary film reveals the wonders of the rainforest

With his new film, Luc Jacquet takes us on an extraordinary journey into the depths of the rainforest, at the heart of life itself. For the first time a tropical forest is born before our eyes from the first shoot to the development of giant trees. From the giant canopy to the myriad hidden links between plants and animals, Once upon a Forest captures the wonders of a centuries-old tropical primary forest before our eyes.

The documentary was born out of a meeting between Luc Jacquet and the botanist Francis Hallé. The result is an exceptional film that fuses poetry with unforgettable visual imagery and unique stories. Once upon a Forest dives into an untouched world that remains in its original condition, in perfect balance, where each organism – from the smallest to the largest – is connected to all the others, and plays a vital role.

Once upon a Forest is the latest film from Luc Jacquet, renowned for The March of the Penguins, a moving story of penguins on the ice, and The Fox and the Child, an unforgettable story of an exceptional friendship between a little girl and a fox, which transcended the boundaries between man and nature. With his new film, Luc Jacquet invites us to discover the incredible world of the primary rainforests.

The new documentary film by director Luc Jacquet, Once Upon a Forest, will be screened at UNESCO in the presence of the renowned botanist Francis Hallé, during the conference ‘Botanists of the twenty-first century: Roles, challenges and opportunities’ (22-25 September 2014).

This special screening will take place on 23 September 2014 at 6 pm in Room XI in UNESCO Headquarters, Paris.