Presentation of the World Water Development Report 2022 to the European Parliament

On 25 March, the UNESCO World Water Assessement Programme (WWAP) and MEP Water Group organized the annual event to present the conclusions of the World Water Development Report 2022 at the European Parliament.

The online event saw the participation of Ambassador Stefano Verrecchia, Permanent Representative of Italy to the European Union and Louise Haxthausen, Director of the UNESCO Liaison Office in Brussels.

Sophie Vermooten from Deltares and Member of the Policy Advisory Committee of Water Europe, moderated the panel discussion after the official presentation of the World Water Development Report 2022, made by the editor-in-chief, Rick Connor.

In the panel discussion Stefano Burchi from AIDA  commented “there is the need to capitalize and expand to groundwater resources the existing legal, institutional, economic, financial and other cooperation arrangements targeting on rivers, lakes and basins”.

Juppe Hoogeveen from FAO added that “What is also very important in the agricultural sector is that the rules are well understood and accepted by the stakeholders and that they can be enforced by authorities. Because only with good groundwater governance the full potential of groundwater resources can be unlocked”.

Tom Diez from De Watergroep stressed the utility perspective in terms of resources management, particularly for drinking water: “The biggest opportunity to untap the potential of groundwater from our perspective is to manage the groundwater system based on natural processes of groundwater recharge and purification. This must ensure that groundwater is available in sufficient quantities at best quality.”

In the closing remarks Pernille Weiss, EPP and Chair of the MEP Water Group, said that “As European Legislators, we know that there are a lot of important things related to water which are not that visible in the European political agenda, as we would like them to be. Our work is there to push this important topic forward”.