Progress on a Risk Management Plan for Kasubi Tombs World Heritage site in Uganda

Ongoing rehabilitation work at Kasubi Tombs following the devastating 2010 fire that destroyed the main building of the World Heritage property ©Sebastien Moriset

Following an grant received from the UNESCO Heritage Emergency Fund (HEF), the site management authorities of the Tombs of the Buganda Kingdom at Kasubi World Heritage property in Uganda are receiving online support from an international expert to guide the development of a Disaster Risk Management Plan for this World Heritage site in Danger, which has been the victim of two fires in 2010 and 2020.

An online training workshop was organized on 3rd November 2020, led by Mr. Kagosi Mwamulowe, Director-Northern Region, National Heritage Conservation Commission, to provide guidance on preparation of the Disaster Risk Management Plan for the Kasubi Tombs World Heritage property. In addition, mentoring and online exchanges are being held on a weekly basis with the site management authorities to review and follow the advancement of the plan.

UNESCO’s World Heritage Resource Manual Managing Disasters and Risks is being used as a reference by the site management authorities. The Manual provides valuable resources and guidance for: reducing risks to World Heritage properties from natural and human-made disasters; illustrating the main principles of Disaster Risk Management (DRM) for heritage and a methodology to identify, assess and mitigate disaster risks;  explaining how to prepare a DRM plan; demonstrating that heritage can play a positive role in reducing risks from disasters and so help to justify the conservation of World Heritage properties; and suggesting how DRM plans for heritage properties can be integrated with national and regional disaster management strategies and plans.

Uganda appreciates this financial and technical support from the donors of the UNESCO Heritage Emergency Fund, which is providing this critical support to the Tombs of Buganda Kings at Kasubi World Heritage property in Uganda. In parallel with our efforts to update the Disaster Risk Management Plan for the site, we are also leading on-site training for local communities living within this unique World Heritage property in order to increase their capacities to prevent and fight fires and other risks at the site.
Ms. Rose Mwanja, Uganda Commissioner for Museums and Monuments

UNESCO’s Heritage Emergency Fund includes support from: the Qatar Fund for Development, the Kingdom of Norway, the Government of Canada, ANA Holdings Inc., the Principality of Monaco, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Republic of Estonia, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Slovak Republic, the Principality of Andorra, and the Republic of Serbia.

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