Radio-broadcast about a role of radio and media in the integration of persons with disabilities

On the 11th of February 2016 from 12:00 till 14:00 the CI specialist of the Khartoum office Ms. Lina Mustapha, participated in a radio-transmission of the Sudanese Sports Radio 104.00 fm linked to World Radio Day. The theme of the transmission was “A role of radio and media in the integration of persons with disabilities”. Main points tackled during the broadcast:

  • A brief presentation of UNESCO and the history of its establishment in order to make people and mostly listeners more familiar with the nature and role of the organization
  • A brief presentation of World Radio Day, how it was created and adopted and the main themes that have been celebrated up until now
  • A role of media as well as a role of UNESCO in the integration of persons with disabilities through its communication and information programs and activities.

The latest point was the main subject of the discussion. Multiple dialogues of the UNESCO staff with the audience of the radio channel contained opinions of the people about the subject, sharing ideas, etc. The audience showed a big interest in learning more about UNESCO, its mission, its programs, its activities, - with special attention to those ones, which are targeted to persons with disabilities. All contributions from the Sudanese people were rather very positive towards UNESCO.