REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL : Organization of two training workshops for community media broadcasters

Within the framework of the present call for proposals, UNESCO Dakar intends to rely on an organization active in the Gambia, capable of mobilizing radio hosts and organizing two training workshops on the:

  1.  emergency plan and the early warning system, highlighting the functioning of the system, the different actors/stakeholders involved and their roles as well as collaboration mechanism with the early warning system;
  2.  interaction with the early warning system with a focus on content sharing and exploitation in the production of radio broadcast content (in English and local languages) to inform and alert the population.


Interested entities are invited to submit a single application package, in electronic format, to the following e-mail address:, with a copy to:, no later than midnight (GMT) on February 25, 2021. The subject line of the e-mail transmission should quote the following reference: DAK/CI/RFP-2021-001