Risk Communication for Social Awareness on COVID-19

UNESCO Office Jakarta, in collaboration with COVID-19 Task Force and U-INSPIRE with the support of WHO and UNIC developed a risk communication video for social awareness on COVID-19. The video was released after the Ied Al Fitr to remind people of the still ongoing concern of the COVID-19 Pandemic. This video is to convey a positive message that people can recover from COVID-19.
The video featured three COVID-19 recovered patients, Sita Tyasutami (Covid-19 Patient no. 01), Ratri Anindyajati (Covid-19 Patient no. 03) and Rico J Sihombing (COVID-19 Patient). The message in the video focuses on the three categories of people’s exposure to COVID-19: Orang Tanpa Gejala (OTG) or person without symptoms; Orang Dalam Pemantaun (ODP) or person under observation; and Pasien Dalam Perawatan (PDP) or patient under care. The video also conveyed messages on what to do in these different categories such as self-quarantine after traveling from COVID-19 area or have been in direct contact with person with COVID-19; not to hesitate to check-up and report if they have the symptoms, as well as the COVID-19 prevention measures such as wash hands as often as possible and to always wear mask.  
The message conveyed in the video aligned with the COVID-19 Task Force risk communication messages among others #Tidakmudik (not to return to the villages), #Dirumahsaja (stay at home), #jagajarak (Physical distancing), #maskeruntuksemua (always to wear mask) and #cucitanganpakaisabun (wash your hand with soap).

Watch the video here