Samoa moves forward with ST & I Policy

The National University of Samoa together with the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture, the Scientific Research Organisation of Samoa and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries has successfully completed a workshop on developing the Policy on Science Technology and Innovation (ST&I) for Samoa.

Results of the workshop included the formation of a cross-ministerial and cross-sectoral working group which will draft the policy; the identification of key issues to be addressed in a policy; a framework to support further consultations and drafting; and an increased awareness of the benefits of a coordinated approach to ST&I across Samoa’s sectors amongst key stakeholders.

The workshop was facilitated by Professor Stephen Hill, Professor Emeritus of Wollongong University, with the active participation of ST & I experts in Samoa’s Ministries, State-Owned Enterprises and the Private Sector. These experts are engaged in Science, technology and innovation activities every day, but they are not labeled as such.

 This workshop provided a fresh lens to view the activities that the whole of Government and the Private sector are engaged in from a ST & I perspective to make links with the Strategy for Development of Samoa, the UN Sustainable Development Goals as well as synergies that enhance economic growth and the livelihoods of our people.

The workshop that was held on the 26 to 27 September 2017 was supported by the UNESCO Office for the Pacific States through its Natural Sciences programme. As the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO assists its Member States in formulating their ST &I policies, strategies and plans as well as in the reform of their science systems, by bringing to light policy options for the governance of science systems in new contexts and supporting participatory policy formulation and/or reviews to improve science management at the national level.

The workshop was officially opened by the Acting Prime Minister  and Acting Minister of Education, Afioga Tialavea Fea Leniu Tionisio Hunt.