Press release

Science Week: Better Health Through Better Understanding

In November and December 2021, UNESCO, the Goethe Institute, Ministry of Mines and Energy and the Swakopmund Museum is organizing the Science Week under the theme ‘Better Health through better Understanding‘.  Participating schools and members of the public will have the opportunity to engage and interact with local scientists.
This year's theme  takes into consideration the effects of Covid-19 on scientists, schools and the public, and looks at scientific ways of improving our well-being such as mental health. The Science Week is a melange of entertaining, hands-on educational activities by local scientists and non-commercial science films that promote science literacy and facilitate awareness of contemporary scientific, technological and environmental issues. The overall aim of this initiative is to communicate science in a more accessible way to support and advance inclusive science and quality education for all.
Activities include:
Panel discussion on the Wellbeing of Scientists (Hybrid)
Sand Play Therapy
Coding (Covid-19 simulation) and Robotics
Doodle video on the Science of Happiness and workshop
Social media challenge on a science experiment
Screening of Goethe Science Festival Films