Strengthening the Capacity of Selected Out-of-School Adolescent Girls and Young Women in Mkoani District, Pemba

Within the framework of the UN Joint Programme “Empowering Adolescent Girls and Young Women through Education in Tanzania” UNESCO in collaboration with the Zanzibar Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (Z – MoEVT) established Out of School programmes in Mkoani District, Pemba. In the course of implementation, New Leaf Consultancy in partnership with Leap Learning and Theatre for Social Development (THESODE), established five (05) income generating groups for out-of-school adolescent girls and teenage mothers in Mkoani District so as to promote and strengthen economic empowerment of adolescent girls and teenage mothers in selected communities of Mtambile, Makoongwe, Mkanyageni, Kisiwa Panza, Shamiani, Mwambe, Mbuguwani, Uweleni, Wambaa and Mtangani Shehia/ wards.
In this regard, UNESCO is seeking to recruit a potential organization to support strengthening the capacity of out-of-school adolescent girls and young women in Mkoani District, Pemba.
Full terms of reference available at
The deadline for application is 21 October 2021.