Sudanese World Heritage Tentative List: the Validation Workshop of the Review

On the 22nd of December 2015 the Khartoum office of UNESCO in collaboration with the Sudanese Ministry of Tourism, Antiquities and Wildlife, the National Corporation of Antiquities and Museums, and the Sudanese National Commission of UNESCO organized a final workshop of the project “Reviewing and Developing Sudan National Tentative List” (information about the launching workshop of the project can be found here). The project is funded by UNESCO.

Currently, as part of World Heritage, Sudan lists two historical sites: Meroe and Gebel Barkal. In addition to the general World Heritage List, each country has to maintain a National Tentative List of Cultural and Natural property, which it considers as being of outstanding universal value. Before now, the Sudanese Tentative List included six items – three historical and three natural sites. The National Tentative List has to be reviewed every ten years, and the revision of the Sudanese Tentative List is an objective of the mentioned project.

During the Workshop the participants decided to send to the World Heritage Center the following new Sudanese Tentative List:

  1. The Monuments of the Kingdom of Kerma 
  2. The Pharaonic Monuments in Sudan (a serial nomination, consisting of the Soleb, Sedeinga, Sessibi and Tombos archaeological sites)
  3. The Monument of the Christian Kingdom of Makuria (a serial nomination, consisting of the Old Dongola and Banganarti sites)
  4. The Monumental Sites of the Islamic and Historical cities in Sudan (a serial nomination, consisting of the Elkhandag and Wad Nimari cities)
  5. The  archaeological site of  Sai Island
  6. Suakin – historical port on the Red Sea
  7. Omdurman - the historical city.
  8. The Colonial Historical Buildings in Khartoum city
  9. Sanganeb National Park
  10. Wadi Hower National Park
  11. Dinder National Park
  12. Radom National Park
  13. Alhassania National Park
  14. Jebel Aldair National Park
  15. Jebel Marra/Deriba Caldera
  16. Jebel Ouenat  (a serial transnational / transboundary site)
  17. The 6th  Nile Cataract, Al-Sabaloka
  18. Al Mogran – the Blue and White Nile Junction

The Workshop also formulated the following recommendations:

  • To begin preparing the World Heritage nomination files of the sites selected to the Sudanese Tentative List
  • To enhance the protection, conservation and management of the World Heritage sites and sites of the Tentative List  in Sudan
  • To coordinate with appropriate authorities of Sudan the boundary identification and map production
  • To start research and exploration activities in different geographical areas in Sudan – which might result in other Heritage items
  • To develop a research program related to the outstanding value buildings in Sudan – historical and architectural
  • To promote the creation of national inventories at state level – enabling each region and local community to identify and start promoting the cultural and natural heritage located on their territories
  • To enhance the role of media in Cultural Heritage protection and promotion; to raise public awareness about  Cultural Heritage  values

To stimulate appropriate authorities coordinating with neighboring countries concerning transboundary sites (e.g. Dinder National Park)