Technical meeting between the National Institute for Education Development (INDE) and UNESCO in the context of aligning the Primary and Secondary Education Curriculum with the Comprehensive Sexual Education Guide (ESA)

The technical meeting took place at UNESCO on July 8, 2020, in which the INDE presented the Matrix of ESA contents elaborated in the context of aligning the curricula of Primary Education and General Secondary Education with the ESA 2018 Guide.
The final selection of content, in particular, key topics of ESA to be integrated into the curriculum will be made through consultations with students, teachers, parents, guardians and the community, taking into account the age group and the socio-cultural factors. It is also foreseen the elaboration of a Manual/ Brochure to support Primary School teachers and later integration of the contents in the curriculum for ESG.
The UNESCO Representative, Paul Gomis, stressed that this moment is an opportunity to integrate these contents for a better quality of teaching in the country.