Towards sustainable lifestyles and protection of nature: Collaboration between UNESCO Doha Office and Elite Paper Recycling Company

4 November 2019, Mrs. Anna Paolini Director of UNESCO Doha Office and Representative to the Arab Gulf States and Yemen and Mr. Abdallah Al Suwaidi, the Chairman of Elite Paper Recycling company (EPR) in Qatar, signed a letter of intent, reaffirming their commitment to contributing to the 2030 Agenda and Qatar National Vision 2030’s pillar on Environmental Development aiming to “Preserving and protecting the environment, including air, land, water and biological diversity”.

Building upon the momentum and the call to action by the global community to halt global warming, biodiversity loss and disruption of ecosystem services, UNESCO Doha Office is joining forces with a wide range of stakeholders to localize solutions and response to global challenges.

“It is a great pleasure to establish this collaboration with Elite Paper Recycling, one of the prominent local companies here in Doha, dedicated to bring a positive change to the society and supporting the country’s effort to achieve its sustainability goals”, said Mrs. Anna Paolini, Director of the UNESCO office in Doha.

Elite Recycling Paper Company is a paper manufacturing Company in Qatar that can recycle all types of waste paper. Since 2014, it has worked towards creating an eco-friendly environment by providing quality service and solution to the corrugated carton industry. Elite Paper Recycling is building awareness towards the environment while contributing to the nation’s growing economy by giving gainful learning and employment opportunities to the locals.

EPR also contributes to the civil society through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) practices, translated into raising public awareness about environment protection and recycling. One of the upcoming projects is the “Eco Dome” which is an edutainment tool to raise awareness towards environment and the important of recycling in a very interesting way.  Furthermore, they are active within the diplomatic circle through the project “Green embassies in Qatar” for green diplomacy.

In his statement Mr. Abdallah Al Suwaidi, Chairman of Elite Paper Recycling, said “we are very pleased and happy to sign with UNESCO this letter of intent for environmental sustainability and recycling to Protect Qatar’s Nature and Joining efforts with UNESCO on Biosphere protection through recycling”.

These aspects are embedded within UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere (MAB) programme, which currently counts 701 sites in 124 countries all over the world, including 21 transboundary sites. These Reserves constitutes site-models that demonstrate ways to safeguard natural ecosystems and biodiversity through science, education and participatory approaches while at the same time promoting innovative economic development that is environmentally sustainable and socially and culturally appropriate.

In Qatar, Al Reem Biosphere Reserve has joined World Network of Biosphere Reserves in 2007. This site offer significant opportunities for the development of ecologically sustainable interactions between man and the environment coupled with extensive educational opportunities for the communities living in and around the reserve.

To this end, UNESCO Doha Office and Elite Paper Recycling Company have decided to join forces to promote Al Reem Biosphere Reserve as a learning and training hub to advocate on the importance of biodiversity conservation and promoting the values, behaviors, and lifestyles required for a sustainable future and for positive societal transformation.